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Hybrid N.O. reviewed as pointless, Muscle Pharm’s Amino1 could save them

Muscle Pharm’s Hybrid Powder is a sequel to the N.O. capsules. The issue with this pre-workout is that it crosses paths directly with Assault. Based on the promotion and advertising the difference maker is that it promotes pumps rather than energy. All it took was one scoop of the 20 serving supplement to see just how useful it actually is.

Since the solo days of Plasmajet and Nitrix pump driven formulas have become more and more popular separating themselves from the pre-workout category. There are lot of people that seem to train better with this sort of stimulation. However if you are after something to push you and/or increase performance, an alternative to Assault. This Muscle Pharm product is not for you.

It does contain a few interesting ingredients but the only familiar face on the label is citrulline. With just 750mg of the stuff per scoop, Hybrid Powder was severally under dosed. Especially when you have a company like Cytosport claiming Monster Pump has an effective dose of citrulline at 3000mg per serving. If you did want to bump up Hybrid’s scoop count to make up for the difference, that 20 serving tub will start to empty very quickly transforming what was a good price at $28 into an ugly $4.20 per workout (3 serves @ $1.40).

The only feedback that the reviewers gave on this was it tasted pretty good. Nobody got any ‘dramatically enhanced muscle pumps’ or for that matter any sort of stimulation. Hybrid was originally thought to be an extremely weak supplement and it turned out to be just that. It’s formula is quite short and a poor example of the Muscle Pharm hybrid series.

Hybrid was a good idea but Muscle Pharm really needed to put together something better than citrulline and a few unknowns. It has proven to sell quite well, with both the powder and the capsule versions going out of stock in a number of places. It is available at a good price and screams the line, get swole live swole, which is probably what’s driving the sales. If this did work as well as the bottle wanted it to. With a product like Assault in your line up, why would you even bother making something that could be used in it’s place.

The only point of difference is meant to be the pump effect and since that does not exist, Hybrid N.O. is rendered useless. If you want a pump supplement look at an experienced bodybuilding company – Cellucor or Gaspari. MP is the athlete’s brand. Whether they wanted to or not, with this pre-workout sweetener they have proven that is exactly who they are.

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