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Carnitine Core could be liquid form, Muscle Pharm are 50/50 when it comes to releases

MP Sportswear have been doing a great job lately with all their merchandise, shirts, wristbands, iPhone cases, they are going all out. Muscle Pharm on the other hand are a bit in between. They are keeping the fans happy with releases like 2lb Combats, grape blast Assaults and 180 count CLAs. However it is the supplements they haven’t launched that are letting them down.

Muscle Pharm have announced quite a few products that have yet to get anything other than mention. Beta Alanine, caffeine free Assault, oats Combat, Energel, Clean Mass and more recently Battle Fuel XT and Carnitine Core. The last two have more going for them than the rest, mainly because we have seen images.

For those team green stockists or fans who just like to jump on every little clue. The Carnitine Core we could be seeing very soon, may not actually be a capsule product. If you look closely at the Muscle Pharm banner it was pictured in, you can see the lid on the new supplement is actually one from a liquid form bottle.

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