E02 Edge hitting retailers, MRI wants to improve your endurance

Oct 13th, 2012

MRI not only had their new pre-workout Black Powder Ultra for the Olympia Expo they also had E02 Edge on display. This is a unique supplement intended to boost an athlete’s endurance performance. It contains a rare mix of vitamins

, minerals, aminos along with a few other bits and pieces. The best way to describe exactly what E02 intends to do for you is with MRI’s description.

‘Endurance athletes are a unique breed – they thrive in a training zone few dare to enter. Enter MRI EO2 EDGE™ – a breakthrough formula that meets 6 critical factors of endurance head on. The advanced, research backed EO2 EDGE formula incorporates ingredients that may help support: Efficient fuel for active muscles, optimal blood flow, natural RBC support for peak O2 availability, muscle recovery from training induced stress, optimal muscle contractions and increased time to exhaustion and restoration of body-hydrating fluids.’

Some of that may be true, most of it is probably just talk. The description points to results by improved endurance. This is possibly a game day supplement or an aid to intense 90 plus training sessions.

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