NLA have a winner with Supp-D, never judge a supplement by it’s cover

Whether it is a sport you love or any old competition you stumbled across on TV. People love seeing the underdog come out of top. NLA Performance is that underdog and the pre-workout category is the arena where their Supp-D dominates. If you can’t find the product at least try and source a sample because this is one book that is nothing like it’s cover.

NLA is not the most well known brand. They currently have 3 supplements in their line up, T-Blast, Swoll-N and the one being reviewed today, Supp-D. None of them have any real consistency to their look, no branding theme or expensive design. However the proof is in the powder. After grabbing a bottle of Supp-D from the Olympia Expo, we cracked the lid and gave it a whirl.

Never before has anything come so close to the original Jack3d. NLA’s pre-workout gives you enough energy to run through your workout twice. It’s initial kick is not as noticeable as Hemo-Rage or D-Stunner’s but you will know when it hits. After the regular amount of time, between drinking and training, your mind slowly comes into focus. Rest periods become a distant memory and the warm ups all turn into strength sets.

There is no pump, no real explosiveness, just energy that goes on. 45 minutes is not enough, in fact 90 minutes may not be enough for Supp-D to run out. The even better part is there is no downer, the pre-workout’s effects fade away seamlessly.

Supp-D’s unbelievable energy levels have it knocking at the door of some of the category’s best. One of the other things that needs to be mentioned is the powders smell. The flavor nitro punch has a very seductive scent, however that is as far as it goes. Once mixed, the formula goes down as well as Craze’s candy grape.

As mentioned earlier this is not the easiest product to get a hold of. The best place to go to would be the NLA website. Unlike most mainstream brand’s they are selling their supplements at great prices, Supp-D especially. You can pick up a 40 serving bottle for just $29.99. If you are hunting around for that pre-workout that is just right for you or simply the next limit breaking formula, this could be it.

To make sure there is no confusion this review relates to the 280g Supp-D, 7g serving with the 3 main ingredients DMAE, vinpocetine and schizandrol. There are a few images floating around with a 261g bottle but sourcing the facts label for that one has become an impossible task. Chances are it was a victim of the DMAA ban.

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