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Recover-D coming to the family of 3, NLA go high end with their protein powder

NLA’s supplement family of three is going to become four very soon. The test booster, pre-workout and pump product will be joined by Recover-D, a protein powder. The formula is packed with extras most notably a 200mcg dose of folic acid and a 7.5mg shot of zinc. Along with the vitamins and minerals NLA have kept the sugar free carb count down to 4g with an above average 28g of protein. While the fat count of 7 grams does sound a little high, this is all thanks to the fatty acid complex (7g) consisting of MCT’s, safflower and sunflower oil. Recover-D is going to be released October 22nd so in a few days we will find out how much this high end formula will set you back.

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