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Battle Fuel welcomes 3g of DAA, Muscle Pharm better have more in the bag

The athlete’s testosterone booster Battle Fuel is said to have it’s big follow up released next month. Muscle Pharm are not the most reliable company when it comes to supplement releases so when they say December don’t hold your breath. On top of the expected launch date team green also released what is hopefully not the only added ingredient to the new Battle Fuel XT.

A 3g dose of D-aspartic-acid is one of the features (possibly the only) Muscle Pharm will be using to improve the formula. DAA has been used by several brands, most choose to use it in test products, some even in pre-workouts. The 3g serving is very similar to Anotest’s two scoop count of 3,120mg and the exact same amount Betancourt used in their Adaptodren.

If this is the only ingredient being added to XT it is a little disappointing. To make an impression and actually do the original formula any justice, it needs at least 5. The current combination is a collection of contents that pushes the boundaries of what athletes can take as a testosterone supplement. That is what MP (before 2012) hybrid products do, they push the limits. Alone DAA does not do that. They have followed the market trend by just adding it.

The current Battle Fuel pushes the boundaries of what athletes can use as a testosterone supplement. We can only hope Muscle Pharm further that with XT. For now the only thing you can do is sit and wait. Maybe they will announce a few more ingredients or maybe they won’t, either way the launch is just a few weeks away in December.

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