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Bits of information on Attack surface, Gaspari line up a pre-workout after Myofusion Elite

There have been a lot of guesses as to what Gaspari’s new pre-workout Attack is actually going to end up like. The rumors made the rounds earlier in the year and it is time to start them up again. Not because it’s been a while but because Attack could be creeping out to shelves sometime after Myofusion Elite.

The other bit of information that has come to light puts to rest the idea of an upgraded SuperPump Max, as Gaspari are planning on having two pre-workouts in their line up.

The significant difference between Attack and the veteran supplement Superpump is that it is meant to be relatively richer in stimulants. Usually this would rule out the idea of it being an un-concentrated powder however the product is said to be a full formula. Whether or not it will rival SuperPump’s 16g scoop is still a mystery. With Myofusion Elite, Isofusion and now Attack lined up for launch. Gaspari fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few months.

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