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The NO Bull pre-workout, MuscleMeds deliver a respectable follow up to Code Red

NO Bull makes more than enough claims on it’s bottle. ‘Muscle growth, pumps, energy, endurance, intensity, recovery’. It’s a pre-workout so it has the ability to say those sort of things. Of course it was never going to tick every box, so when it came to reviewing this supplement, the label and it’s description meant nothing. It’s bright red wrapper might be but inside this product is actually NO Bull.

Everybody has their favorite pre-workout type, some people dig the pump driven formulas, some the high octane energy levels. MuscleMed’s loaded up NO Bull with their pump supplement eNoxide. So it was no surprise which area this one was going to excel in. The label may highlight 6 effects but it actually only follows through with about 3. That isn’t a bad thing, in fact, NO Bull is possibly the only product available that delivers on these specific effects.

As promised, the 20mg dose of eNoxide does make for some incredible pumps. No other formula fills up the muscles anywhere near as quick as NO Bull. High rep isolation exercises always get the pumps going however on this pre-workout you’ll feel jacked after the first set.

The weakest part of NO Bull would have to be it’s energy. It may contain caffeine and the HyperFX ingredient vinpocetine, but it isn’t enough to get you off the couch. In fact you could almost say, energy wise it doesn’t do anything at all. On two scoops you will get a bit of an eye opening feel, anything lower and you’ll be left disappointed.

While NO Bull’s energy levels are painfully missed it’s other, not so subtle effect is it’s endurance. The lower energy allows for a lot less explosive movement which seems to bring a much more relaxed, focused high rep ability. The big pump and low energy may actually be the reason the body can bang out a few more reps, not the ingredients MuscleMeds would like you to believe.

Over all NO Bull is a one of a kind product. It may lack in the energy department but it’s incomparable pumps and unique endurance ability makes it an experience like no other. If you are one of those people who takes two supplements, one pre powder and one pump pill, this would be the one you’ve been waiting for. It did take MuscleMeds a while to come up with a sequel to Code Red but they managed to make it well worth the wait.

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