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VPX follow Bang with an RTD, Carbonx available on the go with strawberry and grape

VPX have followed up their RTD Bang with the ready to drink version of Carbonx. They have managed to keep the premixed formula almost identical to the powdered one. The carb complex still comes in at 40g with the same two sources, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate and highly branched cyclic dextrin. The only difference is the unavoidable RTD points. VPX’s powdered version has 60mg of sodium while the ready to drink variant has 45mg. It also packs on 75mg of potassium. The bottled Carbonx is available in two flavors, strawberry and grape bubblegum. Packs of 12 x 480ml bottles are available for pre-order with an unfortunate 2-4 week wait.

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