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Cellucor’s ZMA features GABA and melatonin, how much is performance worth to you?

Cellucor’s very exciting ZMA has finally arrived, and with it’s full list of contents. Originally it was confirmed that the supplement would have tribulus and GABA with the possibility of something else. As it turns out that something else is in fact melatonin. The same ingredient Muscle Pharm used to help boost the effects of their Z-Core PM. A few other things that can now be validated are the doses of each feature. Cellucor’s zinc count does quadruple that of MP’s at 30mg. However Z-Core carries 3mg of melatonin which is triple Cellucor’s 1mg.

It is a back and forth battle and the GABA did seem like it would be the ingredient to turn the tables. But at just 50mg per serving it may not be as effective as fans of the ingredient are used to. The ZMA will be an interesting product. But if price is an issue and you’d rather stick with the same old same old, it may not be worth looking into. Keep in mind this is Cellucor and the price was always going to be a little high.

The question that comes into play once again is – ‘how much is performance worth to you?’. Results versus the dollar, your average ZMA is going to come out on top. They usually bottom out at around $10-15. But if the Cellucor supplement gives you that little bit more, in an area no other brand can. Would you pay for that extra margin of performance.

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