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Cor-ZMA has it’s work cut out for itself, Cellucor have to compete in two markets

Cellucor’s new Cor-Performance supplement ZMA is making it’s way out onto the market. Currently it is available at GNC but should turn up at other retailers much like the Creatine, β-BCAA and Cor-Whey. If you would like to get a bit more information on the product Cellucor have opened the supplements page on their website. Along with the neatly displayed details and facts label the brand do make the claim, ‘The most effective ZMA supplement ever’. A bold statement but not one that has much going against it.

As mentioned before when the contents were released. Cellucor’s only competition was Z-Core PM from Muscle Pharm. Nobody has ever put more into a ZMA than either of those two brands. The deciding factor will be the results of Cellucor’s ZMA. Since their price is quite a bit above MP’s, which is already a chunk above the average ZMA. It really has to perform to justify that difference.

Z-Core sits just under the $20 mark, as for Cor-ZMA. Expect to be forking out around $28-29. The unfortunate part is that Cellucor may be end up having the better formula but it’s gonna need quite a bit to make up for that extra $10. Another thing to point out is that sleep aid supplements are just a few bucks away, averaging around $30-35. So not only does Cor-ZMA have to be good enough to take you away from Z-Core PM but also be strong enough to compete in the very effective night time recovery category.

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