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Synedrex burns fat like nothing else, Metabolic and their physician formulated supplement

Metabolic Nutrition’s Synedrex was a supplement we spotted a few months ago. It stood above the rest with it’s heavy 815mg capsule weight and strong use of stimulants. After getting a hold of the product it was finally put to the test. Of course the fat burner was going to be a handful but it actually turned out to be a lot more than that. This is one supplement that when it says one capsule, you use one capsule.

The maximum dose on Synedrex is two servings per day and you do not want to have those two servings together. The energy style of this little supplement is quite similar to Detonate. However as hard as it’s going to be to believe, Synedrex is a lot stronger than the Gaspari burner. The initial kick is more of a wake up than some pre-workouts and it’s endurance is almost as lasting as casein proteins.

Metabolic do mention two other features aside from the impressive energy effects. One of them is the appetite suppressant and while it’s strength is nothing compared to the likes of Shred Matrix or Xat-7. The metabolic power, which is the other feature, pretty much equals Synedrex’s energy levels.

The combination of the two successful effects (energy and metabolic), without sounding too much like a salesman. Results in the weight basically dropping off. That does sound a little gimmicky but one of the reviewers who threw this one down made no change to his intense training program or diet and saw a 5lb cut across two weeks.

Synedrex’s number one selling point has to be it’s high energy levels. The supplement’s combination of caffeine, synephrine, green tea, yohimbe and B12 (100mcg) was enough to know that this product was going to be more than your average couch kicker. The power it ended up having superseded our expectations and took the innocence of a single capsule supplement to a whole new level.

Even though Metabolic’s burner is very strong, if you’re not a fan of high pills or jitter full formulas. Stay away from Synedrex. On the other hand if you are a fan of supplements like OxyElite Pro, Lipo 6 Black concentrate or Gaspari’s Detonate. Then you will be in for a treat with a bottle of Synedrex.

The fat burner is a little difficult to locate but you can purchase it direct from the brand. Unlike most official stores Metabolic won’t ask you for an extra organ. Synedrex can be purchased for a semi high price of $44.99. Each bottle has 45 capsules so the supplement should see you through the usual 3 weeks on the maximum dose.

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