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AT4 not as good as it looks, Grenade go for international testosterone distribution

In one short week Grenade have gone from previewing their new testosterone booster AT4, to releasing it. Not only have they managed to upload some nice pictures of the supplement but the product’s facts label has also been released. Unfortunately while AT4 does look the part, it’s short ingredients list doesn’t deliver the same level of quality. With just 4 familiar features making the cut it’s not exactly going to top the market.

Each bottle of the new supplement packs 40 3 capsule servings. The brand have suggested one or two servings per day, with weekdays on and weekends off. A dosing system identical to that of the original Battle Fuel, which spreads the seemingly 20 day product across an entire month.

As far as the ingredients in AT4 go you are really going to need the those 2 servings per day. As 3 capsules packs less than half the DAA of Anotest and USP’s Test Powder at 1500mg. 90mg less fenugreek than Creacore with 360mg, and 26mg short of the 100mg Boron total seen in another Muscletech supplement Alphatest. Even if you do take the hardcore route of AT4, doses will only be one of the factors. As price point will play a major role when you cut the testosterone booster’s servings down from 40 to 20.

AT4 isn’t as packed as others in it’s category, and unfortunately it is also missing a main ingredient that would drive the product home, like Anatropin and it’s velvet bean extract. It doesn’t have anything in it that screams results and it’s 5 on 2 off recommendation may also see it lacking in strength.

As mentioned above AT4 does look the part. On most shelves in most retailers that is actually all it will take. It’s a shame that something so well dressed is not as well formulated. The supplement definitely had potential as we know the brand can put together a powerful product. Grenade’s other supplements Thermo Detonator and .50 Calibre are great examples of their ability. Fortunately while AT4 may not top the charts, it’s ingredients are perfect for international distribution. Giving the booster the chance to seduce customers worldwide.

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