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Caffeine driven .50 Calibre checks out, review on Grenade’s second sexy supplement

Grenade originally had just the one supplement in their line. The fat burner, Grenade Thermo Detonator. It took them a while but they eventually upped their range to two with their second mainstream product, .50 Calibre. The pre-workout entered the market early last year and since then has increased it’s menu to two and opened itself up to 3 size options, powder sticks, 50 serving box and the 20 serving bag. After finally getting a hold of the supplement, we have a review for the yet to be released in America .50 Calibre.

The fat burner Grenade proved it was more than a pretty face when we gave it a solid months run. It turned out that the product not only looked incredible on the shelf but had the chops to compete with some of the top weight loss supplements available today. After getting down and dirty with .50 Cal, Grenade have shown once again that their formulas are not just a great pair of legs.

The pre-workout has a very classic mix of ingredients, using a similar combination to’s Scream and Muscle Pharm’s Assault. Grenade pretty much used every reliable ingredient they could get their hands on. The product is missing a nice dose of B12 and a heavier shot of BCAAs, which may have boosted it’s effects. But it’s a little hard to tell since the supplement is actually already very good.

.50 Calibre offers an energy driven experience that should send stim addicts up the wall. While it is a 23.2g full serving, it’s effects are very reminiscent of DMAA concentrate formulas. It has that all balls non-stop power that sees you training well past the gyms closing time. If it had to be compared to any of the current pre-workouts on the market, .50 Cal would be right up there with the likes of Craze, Jack3d and Animal Rage. Which is a bit unfortunate, as all of the brands behind those energizers have a very strong following and make for some tough competition.

Thanks to Grenade’s label transparency it is relatively easy to see where the products power comes from. It posts some nice counts of taurine, arginine and green tea. But where the real damage is done is with the 3g of citrulline, 300mcg folic acid and a death defying 550mg of caffeine. These doses are all based on 1 scoop as .50 Cal uses the Assault method of 1/2 scoop equals 1 serving.

The good thing about the pre-workouts formula is not that it actually works and does an incredible job of competing against other hardcore energy supplements. But due to it’s international friendly features, it will not get the disgusting tear down that Thermo Detonator received to make it into countries currently stocking the brand.

All in all .50 Cal is relatively strong product. It’s not a supplement fit for the pump lovers nor the haters of post-workout downers. However if you enjoyed formulas like Animal Rage, Craze and Jack3d you may want to give the Grenade pre-workout a go. It is extremely difficult to get a hold of in the US but there are a number of places online willing to share the strength of .50 Cal by shipping worldwide.

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