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Multi Phase-8 hour protein, Muscletech look to compete with Combat and Myofusion

The third supplement from wave two of Muscletech’s Performance Series has landed. Phase8 made it pretty clear what sort of formula it was going to be when it was previewed with the subtitle ‘multi-phase 8-hour protein’. When it comes to protein powders like this the major factor is price, and since Nitro-Tech sets the bar pretty high it would be good to assume a retail price of around $40 for Phase8.

As far as the facts label goes, Phase8 packs an average 26g of protein, 7g carb and 2g fat. With those last two numbers coming in a little higher than normal. Muscletech’s timed release supplement only squeezes in a sad 22 servings per tub. Mix that with the expected price of $40 and the fact that Phase8 only comes in a 2lb tub and the Performance Series product loses it’s hype very quickly.

The one thing to keep in mind for when Phase8 does make it’s debut is that it is not a casein formula. It is an 8 hour blend made up of 6 different forms of protein. If the Muscletech product does somehow manage to make it to your cart be sure to compare it’s value to similar supplements like Combat and Myofusion Elite. Although even beside expensive casein only proteins, Phase8 will have a very hard time competing.

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