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Power3d 2.0 drops citrulline, Scitec have a whole new bag for 2013

Scitec reformulated a number of their supplements, most of which were pre-workouts. Power3d, the brand’s most recently released product of the upgraded bunch. Has not dropped any weight from it’s 4.5g proprietary matrix. However their have been a number of ingredients swapped out. Firstly Scitec have teamed up the lone form of creatine mono with citrate and detailed it’s exact creatine total of 3g. They have also thrown in the regular l-arginine and dropped citrulline for ginkgo biloba and folic acid. Overall Power3d 2.0 has had very little done to it. The loss of citrulline is a bit of a change, but the new features should make up for it.

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