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PX turns to the darkside with PX Black, Finaflex take a page out of Nutrex’s book

Finalfex, the guys behind supplements like Pure Test, Cell Shock and Ignite, have launched an alternate version of their fat burner PX. While the new PX Black has held on to a number of things including ingredients and complex titles. The updated product does have huge leg up on it’s brighter predecessor.

The original did manage to squeeze in a total of 500mg worth of weight loss aids. However the updated PX Black packs 574.5mg along side a 150mcg thyroid stimulus blend. Not only has the darker version surpassed the previous PX in weight but it has also dominated it with a much larger range of fat burning ingredients with the likes of naringin, yohimbine, hordenine and AdvantraZ. The most interesting part about it all is that with a stronger formula you would expect a bigger price. However Finaflex have gone and put this worthwhile weight supplement on the market for a few bucks cheaper at around 30 to $35.

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