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T-Blast proves Supp-D was not a one off, NLA have another gem hidden in their range

NLA Performance is the brand behind the underdog supplement Supp-D. After seeing such an impressive showing from the product we just had to get a hold of another. The brand only had three more items in their line up and since you know how much testosterone boosters are loved around here, T-Blast was given the green light. Even though the formula didn’t look as good as we’d seen. Just like Supp-D this muscle building supplement is a hidden gem.

The ingredients in T-Blast are nothing new. NLA loaded up the product with a number of highlights such as DAA, tribulus, ZMA tongkat ali, avena sativa and rhodiola. Each bottle of the supplement comes with 180 capsules and each serving sits at a Battle Fuel like 6 capsules. However unlike Muscle Pharm the brand have not sold fans short by providing the user with a very necessary 30 days worth.

It’s hard to crack the testosterone market especially if you are relatively new brand. That being said, NLA and T-Blast definitely have their place. After giving the product a full run it has proven it’s worth. It doesn’t improve recovery like overnight boosters do, nor does it touch base with effects relating to intensity or drive. What it does do, and this is definitely a selling point, is growth.

T-Blast with the help of it’s 13 strong contents list, boosts muscle building on par with Anatropin. It will have you increasing your meals on a regular basis as hunger quickly becomes a familiar feeling. Soon after that you’ll notice the added fuel from your diet along with the continued use of T-Blast, boosts strength, size and weight. With a focus on your training and strong nutrition this testosterone booster will easily amplify your efforts or help break through that plateau.

In a category where disappointments can only be realized once a whole 4 – 8 weeks has passed. NLA have a supplement that deserves a cycle. You may or may not have a product that works for you, but the question is how well does it work. Just to specify, the bodybuilding reviewer for T-Blast who never cared much for testosterone boosters, gained 3kgs in a single month. Currently in his off season he had only hit a total of 2kgs across the two months before using T-Blast.

NLA’s test booster can’t actually be compared to anything else we’ve reviewed. Very few times a muscle building supplement delivers and when it does, none have done it with such a strong amplification of growth.

If T-Blast does sound of interest, the one issue you may have is availability. Like we mentioned about Supp-D, the best place to buy any NLA product is from their website. Their pre-workout, pump supp and protein powder are definitely not overpriced. But unfortunately, T-Blast sits at the high end of the scale. To run the booster for a month it will cost you $50. Although keep a close eye on the brand as they do run specials from time to time. Their most recent one saw 20% off everything. Which would’ve put T-Blast at $40, a much more reasonable price.

At it’s current cost, it is understandable to be a little hesitant. Some people may not have trouble spending that kind of cash for even the chance at the results our reviewer experienced. Either way, if you are considering it, waiting for it to go on special, or about to go grab one for $50. The supplement works. Testosterone formulas are usually hit or miss, but NLA have come through with yet another product that packs a serious punch.

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