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Assault still has the same formula, Muscle Pharm edit their label to amp up the value

Last year Muscle Pharm released an exclusive 60 serving tub and grape flavor for their award winning pre-workout Assault. In case you have just moved on to the supplement or haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention. The athlete’s company have not only switched around the size of the scoop in the product but they have also made a major change to the directions. Originally Muscle Pharm recommended you use half a scoop as a serving, and a full scoop as the limit of 2 servings. However recently produced Assaults now contain a scoop half the size, which means you will be taking 1 instead of half, and 2 instead of 1 as the maximum. To make the situation even more confusing they removed the description of 2 servings as the hardcore dose. Do not be confused, the formula has not changed. Muscle Pharm have just edited the label to make the supplement seem like it has a lot more value.

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