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Modern BCAA+ launches with more than expected, USP upgrade without ripping you off

As mentioned previously USP Labs have reformulated their Modern BCAA and re-titled the supplement Modern BCAA+. This week fans were treated to the release of the tablet version, and now the launch of the updated amino powder is upon us. While the pill product did have a smaller dose of BCAAs,

loss of the electrolyte blend and two added ingredients. The + edition of Modern BCAA is also quite different from the current formula.

The original packed in a 10g complex of aminos and BCAAs compared to the updated supplement which loads up the same 8:1:1 ratio into it’s main matrix but weighs in at 15g. Along side the respectable dose USP have kept on board glutamine, used the tablet form’s features alanine and lysine, dropped the electrolytes by 23mg, and also included two more new ingredients, taurine and glycine.

Modern BCAA+ will cost you a little more than the original however unlike other supplements it is not an unjustified change. The brand have only increased it by a few bucks but rewarded fans with a massive increase in proprietary blend weight from 350 to 450g. If you actually calculated the previous version’s price to get all the features the reformulated Modern offers you’d end up paying an extra $10, not the 3-5 USP Labs are asking for. The product should be appearing at stockists very soon if not already, and unlike the initial menu of Jack3d Micro. The brand have released Modern BCAA+ with the same amount of flavors fans have access to with the current formula.

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