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Nothing delightful about Delight, Fitmiss release yet another disappointing supplement

Most of the supplements in the Fitmiss line are exact copies of formulas from Muscle Pharm. However the pre-workout Ignite was the first one of the bunch that actually turned out to be quite unique. Delight, which is the brand’s protein powder, has also turned up as a product very different from any of the MP supplements. Unfortunately it’s value is too similar to others from the Fitmiss range. So much so that despite it’s novelty and fresh formula, it is yet another product that is not worth your time.

The women’s protein powder Delight will be attempting to hit the shelves with a disgusting price of around $35-40. While that does sound like a good deal for a tub of Combat, the Fitmiss supplement is not available in 4lb tubs. In fact it is not even coming in a 2lb option. The despicable protein formula is going to attack the female market with a total weight of 1.19lbs. As for the serving count, the brand have only managed to squeeze in 22 scoops. With each one packing 4g of carbs, 1.5g fat, and an upsetting 16g of protein.

To make up for the sad value of Delight the product has been formulated with an extra greens blend and the digestive matrix of protease and lactase that Muscle Pharm’s Combat uses. Fitmiss could make an argument with those extras, however the price of Delight is just so bad it’s not an argument they can win. If you want greens and a protein powder, simply stack Armor-V with Combat. The combined cost per serving for one dose of the vitamin and one of the protein powder is approximately $1.60-1.70. Where as the under dosed Fitmiss formula is sitting around $1.60-1.80. Not to mention all the added benefits of Armor-V’s massive vitamin range and the protein count of Combat.

Delight may be an original supplement but it has not drifted an inch from the mark up we’ve come to expect from the overpriced Fitmiss range. With other products like Tone you could purchase triple the amount of the formula by simply choosing Muscle Pharm’s CLA Core. In the case of Delight you can buy a tub of Combat, double scoop it’s 25g protein serving, and still end up with a shake cheaper than Fitmiss’s, with more than triple the amount of protein.

When it comes to the Muscle Pharm sub brand it has become pretty clear that the supplements are a complete waste of time. The one that stood out as predicted was the detoxifier Cleanse, which should have just been added to the current MP line up.

Unfortunately even after looking at all of the products and pointing out their many flaws and creative issues. When the range does hit shelves in 2014, their packaging will have no problems fulfilling sales. Despite their disgraceful formulas the Fitmiss supplements have a look that will attract an audience regardless of what is said about them. The only thing that may set back the brand is if the products end up expiring before they leave the Muscle Pharm warehouse. Which by the looks of things, is a possibility.

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