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Red Acid gets Reborn, Controlled Labs bring their fat burner back to life

Controlled Labs have brought their supplement range back to life with a revitalized relabeling. The modernized layout the brand have put on their products brings a much more uniformed look while still holding on to their signature rainbow separation. Along with the updated theme Controlled have also decided to bring their once discontinued fat burner Red Acid back to life. The weight loss supplement initially lasted two versions, with the first one being the original, and then the follow up sensibly titled Red Acid Gen 2. The team have given fans a time frame of  ‘a few weeks away’. However their last two releases PROnom 23 and RAZdiponectin, prove that the brand are not in to hyped launches as much as their competitors. So if you are a Controlled Labs fan, keep your eyes peeled as Red Acid Reborn is likely to just pop up.

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