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Save 3 cents with the 10lb Syntha-6, BSN turn fan’s dreams in to a reality

The Syntha-6 10lb bag was one of those products that you just assumed would never happen. When BSN did start producing the 97 serving monster it seemed a little too good to be true. However a month later the supplement is very real, and it has started to make it’s way out to almost every nutrition retailer. On average you would expect to pay around $29 for the 2.91lb Syntha-6, with the larger 5lb protein usually coming off at about $47. Between the two you’re actually only saving roughly 6 cents a serving. As for the 10.05lb sacks, the difference again isn’t that much, but it is still a saving and a bit more convenient. By going for the chocolate or vanilla bag buy you will dodging around 3 cents a serving, or 9 cents if you are a 3lb fan. It isn’t much, less of a discount than the 3 to 5lb, however it will save you on shipping or gas to your local retailer.

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