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AT4 anabolic devastation unboxing, Grenade reuse their explosive mold

Grenade's muscle builder AT4

Grenade went above and beyond with their original grenade shaped Thermo Detonator packaging. Fortunately for the brand, not only is the fat burner a sight for sore eyes. But it works better than most of the market’s weight loss competitors. Making the product one of the few supplements that works just as good as it looks. Grenade’s follow up formula .50 Calibre, carried on the packaging pride with a themed ammo crate that kept the brand’s stand out shelf presence alive and well. The company are now at it once again with their latest release AT4. While it may have borrowed Detonator’s creative mold, it is in no way any less of a beauty.

Grenade's muscle builder AT4

At first glance the AT4 container does appear to be a red Thermo Detonator. However once you have the testosterone booster dead in your sights. It is quite clear that the supplement’s box is just as creative as the unique grenade mold. Instead of sticking with a rectangular box like the fat burner. The brand have used a hexagon shaped outer with an uncovered custom cut window. To take it that extra bit further, AT4’s bottle point has it’s own blow hole on the box’s lid, with it’s lever running down the side of the package.

Once the cardboard is popped, you can comfortably slip out the plastic container. Unfortunately while it is quite easy to get AT4 out of the box, it is not as easy to pull the pin on the lid. Like Detonator the product’s top is relatively difficult to get off. The locking mechanism isn’t exactly the most forgiving piece of equipment, and as a warning do not force it. It is the instinctive thing to do, however the risk of a capsule explosion is very high. Wiggling is the best method if the bottle doesn’t open with average force. Another feature very similar to Grenade’s fat burner is the detailed logo printing on every AT4 capsule. The pills are themed like the container, bright red with black branding. While the supplement does keep capsule specifics alive, unlike Detonator fans will not be greeted with a mini manual on the inside of their booster.

Grenade's muscle builder AT4

As mentioned earlier, originally the muscle builder did appear to just be a red Thermo Detonator. But after seeing the product up close, it is clear that AT4 is definitely not a repeat offense. The explosive mold is being used for a second time. However the innovative Grenade team have managed to create the perfect package distinctly separating the testosterone booster from the fat burner.

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