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Engage locked and loaded, Grenade waste no time launching their CGP formula

Grenade said that their new creatine Engage would be available very soon which indeed it will. The image of the supplement only just appeared, but the product itself is currently shipping out to distributors as we speak. With a lot of retailers prepping for the arrival it’s in store price has been listed and looks to be around the £30 mark. On top of that, the three other ingredients that will feature alongside Engage’s 7g of creatine glycerol phosphate have been revealed. Making the 9.5g scoop is 1.5g of carnitine, 50mg of Astragain, and an ingredient from Engage’s lone competitor Metabolic’s C.G.P., ALA at 50mg. Since the creatine form is relatively new to the market, fans of creatine may need a bit of convincing before they buy. Grenade followers however will likely jump all over the supplement which fortunately should give sufficient feedback for the cautious crowd.

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