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Last Meal demotes Promasil to daytime, Rival Us roll out another supplement

Rival us Last Meal casein protein

Rival Us have been on quite the roll lately with a number of new supplements such as the fat burner Short Cutz, the Anabolic Prescription replacement The AP Kit, and the updated Promasil. Just when you thought the brand were done, they have gone and launched yet another product also featuring the new orange and yellow theme. The latest innovation from the athlete driven company is called Last Meal. If you instinctively thought that sounded like some sort of night time protein, then you would be spot on.

Rival Us have designed the supplement to work alongside their other protein formula Promasil, which has now been handed down the daytime role. As for Last Meal’s contents, each serving contains 27g of protein made up of micellar casein and milk isolate, 1g of carbs, and only half a gram of sugar and fat. Like the brand’s other protein, the product manages to pack in quite a number of servings, with 30 in a 2lb tub. Unfortunately since it is carrying the Rival Us name, don’t expect the casein formula to be available at a price anything like Dymatize or Optimum Nutrition’s competitive supplements.

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