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Rival’s whey-only protein powder now has an all-natural version to choose from

Rival Nutrition All Natural Rival Whey

Rival Nutrition, previously known as Rival Us, has a few protein powders available, each for a different purpose and situation, and they each clearly explain their points of difference in their names. There is the brand’s original blend-style supplement Promasil featuring eight different sources of protein, the more clean and premium Rival Whey powered by a blend of whey proteins, and finally, the higher-calorie mass protein, Clean Gainer.

There is a new entry in the area of protein powder from Rival Nutrition and while it is new, it is something fans will already be familiar with, although it does have a small twist. Alongside the original Rival Whey and its combination of whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate is an all-natural version also named Rival Whey. It features whey isolate, concentrate, and native whey but is naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, not sucralose.

Rival Nutrition helps separates Rival Whey and its all-natural counterpart in its packaging, as the former comes in mostly black-branded tubs, while the latter is in bags and covered in a primarily white label design. To make the stevia and monk fruit alternative a smoother decision, the brand sells its white-colored alternative in 2lb bags for the same price as a 2lb tub of the sucralose-sweetened Rival Whey at $42.99 in three taste flavor options.

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