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Omega Strong triple strength formula, MHP join the fatty acid market

MHP have decided it is time to join the fatty acid category. The latest supplement to launch from the brand in blue is Omega Strong. Even though the product has yet to have it’s facts label released, it is currently making it’s way out to retailers. So far all fans have to go off is a detailed description which goes over the highlights of the new formula.

In the words of MHP, Omega Strong is triple the strength of your regular omega-3 fatty acid supplement. In fact two softgels are said to be equivalent to one serving of wild cooked salmon. Aside from the brand’s blurb the only other bits of information are the bottle size at 60 gels, and the price. Which MHP have competitively set around $15-20. While retailers may not have the product just yet. If you are a die hard follower the brand do have Omega Strong on sale through their website right now. At $19.99 it isn’t a bad buy for a direct purchase, also if you’re keen on paying for two bottles MHP are willing to throw in a third for free.

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