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Promera detail their supplement flavors, Amino-Tren & Capsi-Blast get strawberry kiwi

With the release of Promera’s new website not only have 2 never before seen products surfaced. But all of the brands supplement variants have been made clear. Currently Con-Cret comes in 5 different flavors, blue raspberry, lemon lime, pineapple, unflavored, and the recently released snake fruit. There are in fact two others that are on the menu, fruit punch and watermelon. Two other products that also have a hidden variant are Amino-Tren and Capsi-Blast. While they both are available in mandarin and blue raspberry, Australasian fans do have the exclusive strawberry kiwi coming there way. Lastly the up coming supplement Peak-400 that was originally listed with just citrus berries and mandarin, has also got a hidden option. The Peak-ATP product will in fact have a total of 3 names on it’s menu, with another flavor borrowed from a fellow Promera formula lemon lime.

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