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Reformulated PreSurge goes on sale, Athletic Edge go exclusive with Muscle & Strength

Reformulated Athletic Edge Nutrition Presurge

With the arrival of Athletic Edge Nutrition’s new look has come the bonus size APE and APE powder. Now making it’s way out is the pre-workout PreSurge, minus the Unleashed suffix and a new formula. Taking up the orange position in the brand’s remade line up is a product that manages to hold on to a number of ingredients and actually stay away from the trending Jack3d Micro feature, higenamine. It’s not going to appeal as much to the fans that dig the stats of the intense pre-workouts that are headed our way. But it should keep AEN followers happy and possibly offer an experience that appeals to a couple of new fans.

Managing to remain in the new PreSurge formula is creapure, glycine, taurine, Russian taragon, ALA, grape seed, 50mcg folic acid, tyrosine, dl-phenylalanine, tyrosine, trimethylglycine, 225mg caffeine, and the two trademarked features Neuravena (green oat) and Suntheanine (theanine). As you may see that is a massive amount of ingredients to hold on to, which may beg the question of how much different will it’s performance actually be. While in most areas PreSurge remains the same, it is the exchanged features that will make the difference with the Athletic Edge Nutrition pre-workout.

Getting cut from the team is epimedium (Icariin), b-phenylalanine, theobromine, evodiamine, and the registered complex GlcyoCarn (GPLC HCL). The five that have been dropped are being replaced for two, and even though that may not sound overly exciting. The two being introduced are dendrobium and rauwoflia (yohimbine). On top of the mainstream additive and the fat burning ingredient, Athletic Edge have also upped the complex weight of PreSurge from 3.448g to a flat 4g. Unfortunately it can not be confirmed if that is because the brand have increased the dose of the entire formula, or because the new features required the room. Either way we can only hope the supplement has been improved enough to keep up with it’s overwhelming competition launching in April.

Instead of delaying the release of the new PreSurge or attempting to build some hype. You could say AEN have got the jump on the haul of products coming next month with the supplement now available at Muscle & Strength. The retailer is currently the only stockist with the pre-workout and have set the price of the product at a very surprising $27.99. The menu sits at 3 with fruit punch, grape, and watermelon with 35 servings per tub as opposed to it’s predecessor’s 45. If you are a fan of Athletic Edge or just someone who is after something new, the supplement is worth a look. If you do drop happen in and check it out do not pay attention to the buy 2 get 1 free deal M&S have posted. As that is in reference to the original 45 serving PreSurge, despite being listed on the reformulated version’s page.

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