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Ritual lines up it’s targets, ANS release a comparison chart for their pre-workout

Like Gaspari, Muscletech, Cellucor, and many other confident companies. ANS Performance have called out their competitors with a table highlighting what their new pre-workout Ritual has, that their’s doesn’t. When it comes to comparison charts like the one below. They are great for advertisements and people who aren’t 100% sure about what they are looking at. However the one saying that comes to mind is, any side can win an argument with the right facts. Which means while the table does make Ritual look like the star, it’s opponents could make a chart just as easy with the result going the other way.

For example Cellucor’s C4 Extreme has 5 features that don’t make the list. Macuna pruriens, vitamin c, synephrine, vitamin B12, and a form of creatine Muscle Pharm think is good enough to turn into an individual supplement, creatine nitrate. Speaking of MP if the table had Assault on it, it would also be a very different story with it’s ingredient’s range more than double Ritual’s. In no way should this description take anything away from Ritual, as it will be a competition killer. This is just a breakdown of how these sorts of promotions can make one look inferior. Either way check out the chart below and see who ANS Performance is targeting with their new pre-workout product Ritual.

Images of competitors were not placed by ANS Performance

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