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The Curse gets a follow up, Cobra Labs looking to redefine supplements with Project X

Cobra Labs upcoming supplement Project X

Cobra Labs are currently a one man brand with their very lonely pre-workout The Curse. The company have managed to land themselves in a number of retailers and release a total of 2 extra flavors, blue raspberry and the cheaply inverted special edition tub of tropical storm. Whether or not it has been a long time coming, Cobra are planning on doubling their line up very soon. Joining the pre-workout Curse is an item tentatively titled Project X. The only bit of information that has been released other than the name, is unfortunately something that does more harm than good. In the words of Cobra, ‘… will redefine supplements forever‘. A statement that makes a promise the brand are not likely going to keep. With 5 or so companies this year already laying down the ‘game changer’ claim, and none of them following through. Any reference to any sort of revolution in the industry is turning people away more than it is luring them in. Follow up products are always interesting but listing it with a sentence like that is not the way to attract fans.

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