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Daily Amino arrives at for $15 a tub

cobra daily amino

It was a few months back that Cobra Labs’ completely unveiled its energized amino formula Daily Amino. The supplement brings together a combination of BCAAs, and energy and recovery ingredients, with the likes of taurine, guarana, glutamine, and 2.5g of BCAAs. That product has now arrived at and to make its release that little bit better, it has been introduced with deal.

While Cobra Labs Daily Amino is its regular price of $19.99 for a single 30 serving tub, if you decide to purchase a second that’s where you’ll save some money. For a limited time has two tubs of the supplement for $30, working out to $15 each. You can of course mix and match flavors, with all three Daily Amino’s options currently in stock with Blue Raspberry Rush, Crisp Green Apple, and Mixed Berry Blast.

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