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The Curse turns out to be just that, Cobra Lab’s competition becoming to much

The Curse turns out to be just that, Cobra Lab's competition becoming to much

The Curse is one of those supplements that managed to make it in the industry without a big company backing it. Cobra Labs is the brand behind the formula, and it is in fact their only product on the market right now. Originally there was no intention of reviewing the supplement as it had nothing really going for it. Formula wise it looked relatively average. However with all the attention it was getting, curiosity won out. So here for the people who have been pondering the purchase, is an experience review of Cobra Lab’s pre-workout The Curse.

The product’s formula isn’t that impressive, and usually that is where the decision of whether or not to review a supplement comes from. With only 7 ingredients and the era of range packed pre-workouts coming in to fashion. The Curse only really had price point going for it at around $30 for 50 servings. It’s few highlights were caffeine, citrulline, and the ingredient more commonly seen in fat burners, oleuropein aglycone.

Moving on to performance, the Curse does kick in at around the 20 minute mark. The signature pre-workout pins and needles creeps up a little bit before then, which unfortunately is an effect that doesn’t exactly fade. With the use of a 3.2g creatine, beta-alanine, and citric acid complex. Bumping up the product to it’s maximum of 3 scoops is something that will have you feeling the beta-alanine side effect more than you’d like. Cobra do not detail exactly how much of the ingredient is in the formula, although the proprietary blend does total 9.6g across 3 servings. If the brand did dose The Cruse correctly then the creatine would be roughly 5g, leaving a heavy 4.6g between the other two. Making it very clear that upping the scoop count will increase the effects, both good and bad.

Disappointingly on top of the beta-alanine downer, the energy experience at the 3 scoop maximum is actually the only way you will get a kick out of the supplement. Anything below 2 and you are likely to go unassisted for your workout. There is no pump or focus effect, the only one you can count on is the energy boost. Which in turn is not really a boost, more of a flick. The taste is definitely on the positive side however when it comes to flavor versus effectiveness. There probably isn’t a pre-workout fan out there that wouldn’t swap a sour aftertaste for the workout of their life.

Cobra Lab’s didn’t fail completely, the product does work. In any other category that is usually all it takes to become successful. Unfortunately in the most innovative area of supplements, average does not cut it anymore. The caliber of the competition is incredible and it is only getting better. Certain parts of the world may be open to such a product, but in a place where everything is on the table. The Curse does not even come close to some of the category’s average formulas, let alone the best.

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