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The price of performance, Magnum set the retail value of Instincts at $50

Magnum set the price of Instincts at $50 for 10 capsules

Magnum Neutraceuticals launched Instincts a few weeks back and presented the alternatively dressed supplement at the Arnold Classic. The brand uploaded the facts panel for fans to see, which proved that the promotional images were not exactly misleading. When it comes to sexual performance products they tend to be rather easy to deliver on. However unlike many of the other companies who target men and their bedroom abilities. Magnum have not provided users with a month’s supply and set the price of pleasure relatively high. It was obvious Instincts came packed in a box, but what we didn’t know was it only contained 10 capsules. With a maximum serving of 2 pills, regardless of your dose you are going to want to make it count. At $12 for a trial of 2, and $50 for the full box of 10, it is easily the most expensive product per serving on the market.

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