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Agmatine Sulfate now in fruit punch, Genomyx add to the menu of their Basyx supplement

Genomyx Basyx supplement Agmatine Sulfate fruit punch

Currently the only supplement in the relatively new Genomyx’s Basyx range of individual products is Agmatine Sulfate. Other brands that are attempting to find success with the lone ingredient are USP Lab’s Agmatine 500, and Promera who are still holding their supplement back, Agma-Tren. The Genomyx product is the only powdered version and was originally launched with one flavor, watermelon. The 60 serving formula has either found success quite early on or had an option added that was not available upon release. Fans of the Basyx range as well as agmatine sulfate can look forward to the lonely watermelon variant being joined by fruit punch very soon.

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