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Breakdown of Muscle Army desert supplements, Scitec take their innovation up a notch

Scitec Nutrition Muscle Army desert supplements

The details on the new Muscle Army products from Scitec have been revealed. Making up the series are eight different supplements, being split right down the middle and separated by different camo themes. Since we do not want to overload readers with information we are going to go over each side individually. Up first is the desert camo range consisting of the products Tank, War Machine, Steel Rocket, and Fire Raid.

The first supplement being looked at is Tank, the creatine fortified muscle gainer. It will be available in two sizes, 1.44kgs with 12 servings, and 3kgs with 25, both only available in chocolate. Even though Scitec do already have a large variety of creatines, Tank is a formula unlike any of the others. The product is purely driven by the combination of carbs, protein, and creatine. Per serving the brand have put together 80g of carbohydrates, 3g of micronized creatine, 30g of protein, 2g of arginine, and 100mg of bitter melon. Of the massive 80g of carbs, Tank loads in 41g of sugar, which along with that protein dose. Puts it up their with the likes of other post-workout powerhouses SizeOn and Cell-Tech.

Next on the list is Steel Rocket, a tribulus and DAA based muscle builder that also contains, arginine, two types of carnitine, and pinus pinaster. As European testosterone boosters go it won’t compare to the formulas American supplement users enjoy. Thanks to the tight regulations in the area testosterone products are quite limited. Something that was quite obvious in their last muscle builder Opti T, also known as Big T.

The last two items from Muscle Army are War Machine and Fire Raid. WM is the premier pre-workout from the sub brand that takes aim with a 13 component complex. On top of the 5g three piece creatine blend, Scitec have included all the regular energizing features with highlights such as citrus aurantium, caffeine, and BioPerine. The other supplement Fire Raid, is a formula taking up the fat burning position on the desert camo team. Among the 13 element transparent label are stand out inclusions like 200mg of caffeine, 200mg of green tea, garcinia cambogia, dandelion extract, and Co-Q10.

Scitec Nutrition’s present range is a mad mix of unique formulas. The brand don’t go for break out ingredients, usually singles, doubles, triples, and rare combinations of commonly used contents. The Muscle Army series does use that philosophy of consolidation, however Scitec have taken it up a level compared to their other complex items. War Machine, Steel Rocket, and Fire Raid are products that feature much larger varieties of ingredients and are little more detailed than similar in house supplements like Hot Blood 2.0, Opti T, and Re-Style. That being said, the stand out of the desert variants has to be Tank. A very individual formula taking the brand’s innovation up a notch, something you will see a bit more of in the Muscle Army woodland breakdown.

Here are the facts panels for all four Muscle Army desert products, clockwise starting from the top left, Steel Rocket, Fire Raid, War Machine, and Tank.

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