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Decimate code named Evolved, Genomyx ready their powder form fat burner

New Genomyx fat burning powder, Decimate Evolved

Genomyx have been teasing out their thermogenic supplement Decimate for quite some time. While it may have been a little confusing considering the fat burner was available in a number of places. The promotion was in regards to an entirely new formula. Previously the weight loss product carried the name Maximum Decimate with the coming soon supplement titled Decimate Evolved. Even though nothing can be revealed as far as the fat burner’s contents. The major difference with the updated formula is it’s form. The current product comes packed in a bottle with 90 capsules, compared to the upcoming version which comes in a tub with 60 lemon berry scoops. Genomyx will be jumping headfirst into the competitive weight loss powder category. Which has over the past year become quite popular with a number of formulas finding success such as Amphetalean, Stim-Elite, and the unforgettable Cardio Igniter.

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