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Hyper T2 repackaged but not Testodrol X9, Lecheek Nutrition get their supplements inline

Lecheek Nutrition Hyper T2 repackaged

Lecheek Nutrition have a rather large range of products, most of which are not formulas you would see from your average supplement company. Currently fans have available to them Mass HGH, Testodrol X9, Cycle Armor, Hyper T2, AD-3 PCT, OxyECA, Speed X3, Joint Armor, the two international products Pyro Pro and Shredtime PM,

and soon the new duo T-X3 and Pump X3. Out of that group, there are two items still floating around that do stand out a little more than the rest. Testodrol and Hyper, are both still carrying the standout white and blue packaging theme. However over the next few weeks Lecheek are going to be making Hyper feel a bit more at home by treating it to the the new color combination. There has been no mention of Testodrol getting any update, which doesn’t confirm it’s discontinuation, but certainly hints at it.

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