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Peak 400 too expensive at $25 a tub, Promera launch their new pre-workout additive

Promera launch their pre-workout additive Peak 400

Promera’s latest launch has turned up to be the predicted muscle excitability supplement Peak 400. The pre-workout additive had it’s facts panel released not too long ago with it’s official release now under way. The individual Peak ATP product is not expected to do that well. Mainly because it’s single feature formula is not likely to be enough to justify use all by itself. Which then subsequently forces buyers to mix it in with another energizing supplement. As a pre-workout side kick, the cost was going to need to be considerably low. Unfortunately now that Peak 400 has been launched, the price tag has surfaced with a retail range between 22 to $25. Setting the cost of adding the Promera product to your pre-workout stack at 80 cents. A rather large expense for what little if any effect Peak 400 has to offer.

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