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Power Pak Fit & Lean tricks you into 128g of pudding, MHP play the downsize game

MHP's new Power Pak Pudding Fit and Lean

Omega Strong, Paleo Protein, and Maximum Whey, are all recent releases from the supplement company MHP. If you thought three product launches were enough for 2013. The brand have gone and surprised fans once more with yet another supplement release. Joining the increasing MHP line up is Power Pak Pudding: Fit & Lean. The high protein snack is basically the same as the original 250g can with the additional Fit & Lean title, which is likely going to be the main attraction of the miniature edition.

To detail the differences between each version f the product, and show you how the promotional image sells the Fit & Lean Pudding in the most sneakiest of ways. Below is a table comparing the numbers from each formula. On the left are the values of the original Power Pak if it’s serving size was scaled down to the same as the new 128g supplement. The counts are taken from the chocolate variants of both products.

Calories – 97 / 100

Fat – 2.3 / 2.5g

Saturated fat – <1 / 0g

Cholesterol – 5.12 / 5mg

Sodium – 215 / 260mg

Potassium – 169 / 170mg

Carbs – 4.6 / 5g

Fiber – <1 / 0g

Sugar – 0 / 0g

Protein – 15.36 / 15g

As you can see, if you only have 128g of the regular Power Pak Pudding you will actually get a fitter and leaner snack. The protein is higher, and the fat and carbs are lower. While it does also promote a number of free highlights, both versions are in fact sugar, lactose, and gluten free. The big question is why would MHP launch something that is really just a smaller portion of another formula.

With both Power Pak’s having the same menu, the brand are not trying to attack their fans with a tastier supplement. The motive can only be a sharpening of a market MHP have managed to corner and dominant quite well. They are one of the only ones in the protein pudding department so why not further it. Where there is money to be made, make it. With that being said the (direct) cost of each product speaks for itself. The original goes for $4.50 a can at $1.80 per 100g, while the new Fit & Lean goes for $3 each at $2.34 per 100g.

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