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Buy 2 Modern BCAA+ and get another 1 free, USP Labs move their Jack3d Micro deal to another supplement

Buy 2 Modern BCAA+ at and get another 1 free

USP Labs updated their popular amino acid supplement releasing both a tablet version, and the extremely well upgraded Modern BCAA+. The product showed every other brand what real evolution is by keeping most of the contents the same, dropping the price, and putting in more servings. The well received reformulation launched with three flavors, watermelon, fruit punch, and blue raspberry. All of which are in stock and available for a Jack3d Micro like deal of buy 2 get 1 free. The special sees the already cost effective product go down from $29.93 per tub, to a much lower $19.96. A bargain for any amino acid fan, regardless of their stance on USP Labs and Modern BCAA+.

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