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Decimate Evolved ready for release, Genomyx drop their lemon berry facts panel

Genomyx reformulated Decimate Evolved

Genomyx have been teasing their new fat burner Decimate over the past few weeks. The supplement is being promoted as Decimate Evolved, and will be available in powder form. The brand didn’t initially say if the formula was going to be an update, however now that the product is ready for release. Genomyx have uploaded Decimate’s facts panel, confirming that it will infact have an all new list of contents. Most of the ingredients have been replaced with the only thing being carried over is green coffee bean, which will stand at 300mg instead of 200mg.

Other notable features that have made the Decimate Evolved cut are PEA, salvia miltiorrhiza, and dicaffeine malate at 300mg. The updated supplement can definitely be classed as an upgrade with plenty of strong doses and unique ingredients, as we have come to expect from Genomyx. Another thing that makes the new product rather exciting is it’s loss of rauwolfia, transforming it into an international friendly supplement. You can check out the full formula for the 300g lemon berry fat burner below.

Genomyx reformulated Decimate Evolved
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