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Discount on OxyElite Pro and Modern BCAA, USP Labs launch their Lean Recovery Stack

USP Labs Lean Recovery Stack of OxyElite and Modern BCAA

USP Labs are well known for their purpose built supplement stacks with the Microtest combination of Test Powder and Jack3d Micro, and the classic Asteroid trio of Anabolic Pump, Prime, and Powerfull. The latest teaming of products to come out of the concentrate creators is the Lean Recovery Stack. The collection combines as the title states, OxyElite Pro Powder to keep you lean, and the tablet version of Modern BCAA to help you recover. Just like the Microtest, Detonation, and Asteroid stacks, USP retailers have discounted the duo. Which sees their average cost of $27 and $38, dropped all the way down to a combined total of $49.99. Most stores stocking the brand will have different prices for the supplements individually, but together for the Lean Recovery Stack the $49.99 seems to be universal.

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