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Effectiveness measured with Havok, American Muscle products are more than just pretty faces

Review of American Muscle's pre-workout Havok

Havok is the most recently released American Muscle pre-workout supplement. The formula is relatively simple with a 6.7g scoop featuring highlights such as citrulline, rauwolscine, synephrine, and a detailed dose of caffeine at 190mg. The product carries a strong menu of six with grape, orange pineapple, blue razz, watermelon, lemon punch, and the flavor American Muscle claim they produced before Cellucor, strawberry margarita. After finally getting a hold of the pre-workout, we have today the review of Havok and the first taste of what the fresh faced brand have to offer.

Once you look over the facts panel of Havok, it’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that it is just your average everyday energy supplement. The bonus with that is you are not going to be disappointed. American Muscle didn’t use any heavy hitting stimulants or controversial ingredients, just the basics. Which is why it should come as no surprise that the product performs as common as it’s contents.

Havok does have a kick of energy, a pinch of pump, and a solid amount of endurance. The supplement requires a little bit more time to kick in compared to your usual pre-workout. But when it does, it is noticeable. The energy helps drive a missable amount of pump and actually manages to last well beyond the boundaries of the 60 minute mark. If you are one of those people who lives by the rule, ‘if it tastes good, that’s probably where the money went’. Then this is one of those products. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing, as the formula does work. However it’s flavoring easily overshadows it’s performance.

Unfortunately the pre-workout category is one of the most competitive in the industry. It now takes a lot more than something that works, to justify ones purchase. In the case of Havok it sits on level with the likes of Ronnie Coleman’s Myo-Blitz, APS Nutrition’s Mesomorph 2.0, and Nutrabolics Swollen. Products that have an effect, but not as much as others. Formulas like these don’t necessarily find success in some of the big markets, however every dog has it’s day, and every supplement has a home. While American Muscle’s Havok doesn’t compare when measured up to the best of the best in American. Countries where average pre-workouts are popular due to regulations and restrictions, the product will do well. With it’s slick packaging it should have no problem getting attention.

American Muscle have given us an idea of how effective their supplements can be. Havok may not be the greatest thing to take before you workout, but it does work, and it’s highlights will more than likely suit someone out there. Keep in mind not much was expected of the formula, so it’s performance is not overly surprising. On the other hand it does make the rest of the brand’s products look a lot more interesting if they can deliver the same level of contents/experience.

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