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American Metabolix jumps on the creatine trend with a bulk standalone competitor

American Metabolic Creatine Mono

Creatine supplements have seen a sharp rise in popularity and interest from sports nutrition brands, some going the simple standalone route of using just a source of creatine, and some getting more complex, combining the strength and size ingredient with similar components. American Metabolix has joined the trend this week, introducing a creatine-based product that takes the straightforward path.

Creatine Mono from American Metabolix is as basic as it sounds, with a bulk tub of unflavored, tried and true, creatine monohydrate to support muscle strength and size. It is a moderate 300g tub, which is enough for 60 servings at the full dose of 5g, giving you enough to last two typical months. The brand is selling the supplement directly from its website for a bit more than some of its similar competitors at $39.99.