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Gear Up joined by the Mass Stack, BSN combine all of their 2.0 supplements

BSN's The Mass Stack 2.0 10 day trial kit

BSN have followed up their Gear Up Stack, which was the combination of Aromavex and Evotest. With another trial size box set of their classic Mass Stack made up of CellMass, Nitrix, and N.O. Xplode. All of the supplements are the 2.0 versions and are a much more mainstream combination of products, as opposed to the Gear Up’s muscle building offerings. To squeeze into the 10 day kit length, BSN have wound down the popular supplements from their usually sizes. N.O. Xplode and Cellmass have both been brought down significantly from 50 servings to 10, with Nitrix dropping from 90 tablets to 30. While the Mass Stack is a great way for future fans to try the best from BSN. They really should have packed a bit more in the box. As Nitrix and CellMass on the directed dose, will be used up within 5 days, leaving N.O. Xplode as the only survivor if spread out.

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