Hydravax is a worthy diuretic solution, Metabolic Nutrition deliver on their second weight loss review

May 13th, 2013
Metabolic Nutrition Hydravax review

Hydravax is one of Metabolic Nutrition’s weight loss supplements that aims to get the job done as a diuretic solution. Compared to the other fat burning formulas, Synedrex, Thyrene, and Phenolox. Hydravax is not an energy complex, metabolic enhancer, or thermogenic driven product. It is a diuretic designed to rid the body of water and that is it. A lot of supplement companies tend to leave this category alone which gives Metabolic a very slim level of competition. Arguably one of the best in it’s arena is MHP’s Xpel. Not just for it’s results, but it’s quick turn around and banned substance free formula. If you are wondering whether or not Hydravax is worth trading in your current diuretic for, we have here today the review of the product which should hopefully answer your question.

Ingredients lists for diuretic supplements are usually a bit hard to read, mainly because they are very much like weight loss formulas and their doses are mischievously disguised by proprietary blends. The best thing that can be done is to look out for some of the common features and pray the company behind the product have done their job right. As far as popular ingredients go, Metabolic have included quite a few with juniper, uva ursi, and dandelion root. Those three however are actually a fraction of Hydravax’s contents, which rounds off with a total of 13 features.

Ingredients aside the one question that needs answering is, does the product work. The quick answer to that is, yes, it does get the job done. The second more important question is, does Hydravax’s performance suit you. Unlike other supplements in it’s category, it’s effects are spread across a total of 3 weeks, seeing you peak at around the 14 day mark. Most diuretics tend to stick to a short cycle that climaxes after 5 or so days, and lasts for at least another 7. Metabolic’s product does have a slow start, but again that is due to it’s extended period of use. Hydravax will see the usual 2 to 3 kgs of water shed, it just takes three times as long. As a bonus due to the longevity of the formula. The signature diuretic effect that sees users frequently visiting the bathroom to rid the body of it’s excess water. Is dulled down in Hydravax, and will have you urinating only slightly more than normal.

You can never argue with a supplement that works, and now thanks to Metabolic Nutrition you can mark up another one worth purchasing when it comes to diuretics. After reviewing the brand’s incredibly powerful and result rewarding fat burning formula Synedrex. It really comes as no surprise that Hydravax does what it does.

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