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Hybrid N.O. capsules dropped from, Muscle Pharm yet to renew their trademark

Muscle Pharm discontinuing Hybrid N.O. capsules

While we did suspect that Muscle Pharm would be dropping their supplement Hybrid N.O. It is slowly becoming more and more apparent that this may in fact happen. Initially word got around about the product possibly being discontinued because the brand had decided not to revive their trademark for Hybrid N.O. Aside from the abandonment, Muscle Pharm stockists started listing the supplement as out of stock, and then eventually as ‘not available’. The final nail in the coffin has come from their major customer Usually everything from the athlete’s company appears there first, so it would be good to assume that they will disappear from there first. Especially because if you head over to the website and check out Hybrid N.O.’s product page. You will find that the capsule version of the formula is no longer listed, and as mentioned before. The powdered version was produced about 6 months after the pill, meaning it could also be getting the ax further down the road.

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