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Naturally flavored Victory bars, Oh Yeah! find another reason to release

Oh Yeah! Victory protein bars in four flavors

Oh Yeah! have been hitting everything other than their usual go to category with the Total Protein System, Total Mass System, and the premixed protein Tetra. Going back to their roots, the brand have released another protein bar going under the name Victory. Due to the news being rather young, there are only a few formula facts we can confirm. Oh Yeah’s latest snack will be gluten free, have no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and carry 21g of protein. Though small in number the four details do provide plenty of information, with the natural flavoring being the one that will most likely set Victory apart from the brand’s other products. No launch date has been released, but when the bar does land, it is set to hit with four flavors, fudge brownie, almond vanilla, peanut butter, and choc chip cookie.

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